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2 reviews
I placed an order for their veggie spring rolls and veggie dumplings. And all I can say was their food was GREAT. A bit delayed and cold but its still-fresh taste made up for the lag. Then again, my choice of night was Thursday Nov 15th. 2018


1 review
I wanted to try sushi again since places I ordered from before were horrible so I decided to order from Ceetay and IT WAS AMAZING ! The Godzilla rolls are delicious along with the spring rolls and garlic rice will definitely be ordering from here all the time !


Top Reviewer
this place is consistent. it is always good and fresh. the veggie fried rice, spicy tuna roll, salmon avocado roll, lo mein, gyoza, and spring rolls are all of the items i have tried here, and all of it is very very good. it is delivered on time and hot.


Top Reviewer
Ceetay delivered my order fast and the food was indulgent but healthy. The delivery guy even came into the lobby. Their vegan buckwheat noodles were to die for. Definitely ordering from Ceetay again. Thank you for great service


Top Reviewer
The only sushi place available in the South Bronx! It was all very tasty and fast service. My only complaint is I wish the delivery guy could've brought up my order instead of making me meet him outside.

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2 reviews
Ordered twice (in one week) and the food is soooo good! Ordered sushi and the pad Thai (and whilst the pad Thai doesnt taste like the usual I get elsewhere its still really yummy and I will order again). Delivery guys on both occasions are very nice and actually came earlier than the estimated delivery time. Thanks guys!


Top Reviewer
Delicious Food! Fresh, clean, tasty! Superb delivery!
If the order isn't on the menu, they'll send you a courtesy call instead of messing up your order, very accommodating. They pay attention to my notes so that they dont put in things im allergic to! Thumbs up guys!


1 review
I'm a really big fan of sushi & I found ceetay just driving by the area & decided to dine in . The food was really good but during that time they did not deliver & they are the only sushi restaurant in the hub area if the bronx, so now that they deliver I'm excited


4 reviews
Great place, great food, clean never greasy. Anything you order will be great. Chicken spring rolls, all sushi rolls, rice with chicken and veggies, and the quinoa salad with walnuts. All delish.


2 reviews
I ordered Dragon Rolls and Spring rolls, and they were spectacular! Also the food was delivered by the manager himself - this shows how much care is put into the business and the food! Thanks!

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Takeout: 12:00 PM - 8:30 PM

The presentation is a work of art in itself. The most popular examples are found served up in its kawasaki rolls and tuna bruschetta. The former is a phenomenal blend of oven baked crab, mayo, scallion, sweet sauce and sliced avocado; while the latter is a punchy combination of mouthwatering spicy tuna and guacamole on crispy rice. Each is guaranteed to make the consumer come back and bring some friends.